A PDF file with many helpful tips for Zoom sessions and your visit to gather.town can be found here:

Tips for Your Internet Connection

The most important advice is: do not use wireless LAN, but use a cable connection! The wireless connection can drop as soon as your neighbour activates the microwave oven. Also, Bluetooth and wireless headsets interfere with the WiFi signal.

You can still order a simple USB-to-LAN connector and LAN cable for around 15 Eur from your favourite online retailer. If you are unsure what to buy, we recommend https://geizhals.de/tp-link-ue300-a1248063.html.
So, please remember: when connectivity issues arise, your home internet connection is very likely not the problem. Even an old 8 Mbit DSL connection should be sufficient for several concurrent video conferences. Therefore, if you experience problems, your wireless LAN connection is the most likely culprit. Even if we repeat ourselves here: Do not use wireless LAN, but use a cable connection! This is all the more important if you present a poster or have a presentation in a symposium.

Tips for Your Attendance

We are happy to look forward to a packed program! In contrast to on-site PuGs, there will not be any events on Saturday so that you are not obliged to sit in front of your computer for three days in a row. Consequently, since we had to accommodate so many exciting events in the program, there is not much time off during Thursday and Friday. Therefore, prepare for two intense online days.  

Please make sure that you have your log-in information for https://conftool.org/pug2021 ready: all links to the sessions will be distributed in the ConfTool agenda that is only accessible to participants. Also, if you have not yet received a payment confirmation email, please check on Wednesday afternoon whether your payment has been acknowledged in ConfTool (“Access Your Participant Registration Details”). If a “No payments received yet.” message is displayed, please contact our Registration Desk via email (registration@pug2021.de) or Zoom (ID: 998 8480 1114, PW: 177843) on Wednesday between 14:00 and 19:00 to provide a confirmation of payment. Please allow for some waiting time. On Thursday and Friday, our Help Desk will be able to help you.

  • Use your real name in Zoom and gather.town. This is the only way your colleagues can recognize and contact you. This is also required for security reasons.
  • Make sure your video camera and microphone are ready. If you are in a noisy environment, use a headset, otherwise a desktop microphone works fine.
  • Prepare drinks and snacks, and don’t forget the coffee! Have your favourite pizza delivery service flyer ready!
  • Chairs and speakers: Please make sure that you do not to overrun your time slot!
  • During breaks, if your program has empty slots, or for scheduled meetings with colleagues, come to our gather.town Coffee Lounge, which is open around-the-clock.

In general, should you encounter any problems during the conference, please contact us via email (support@pug2021.de) or Zoom.