Even if we unfortunately have to do without a real conference dinner with wine and good food, we would like to transport a little of the PuG atmosphere into online land. We have therefore tried to create a space in which, in addition to the scientific exchange, the informal and friendly conversations that always make up our PuG are also possible. We hope that we have succeeded in this and that many will take advantage of the offer to meet in our gather.town outside of symposia and poster sessions.

Our gather.town is a virtual conference centre where you can move around freely, meet other participants, view posters or take part in events. If you encounter other participants in gather.town, a video connection is established automatically, so that you can talk easily and without prior arrangements. It is also possible to meet at coffee tables and sitting areas with a limited number of participants and to talk there undisturbed and unoverheard.

Get Together

After the first keynote lecture by Russell Poldrack, there will be an opportunity to meet casually at gather.town and see who is at PuG this year. Symposium participants can get to know each other and plan their symposium here, those who have questions can meet the conference team, and those who simply want to meet colleagues again are also in the right place.

Coffee Breaks

Between the individual events, our gather.town is the place to go for a short (or longer) chat with colleagues. Please bring your own coffee and biscuits.

Social Evening with Pub Quiz

On Thursday evening, instead of a conference dinner, there will be an opportunity to meet at gather.town. This will be an opportunity to catch up with colleagues you haven’t had the chance to meet since the last PuG, and to have a chat in small or large groups. Some of our award ceremonies will also take place here. And everyone who likes can take part in the Pub Quiz organized by the JuWis (see below). We would be very happy to welcome as many of you as possible for a (virtual) glass of wine or beer.

Pub Quiz

We, the Young Scientists’ Representatives, have been creative and present a new way for you to spend a nice evening with your favourite colleagues, and to have as much fun at the PuG as you are used to have.

Do you know your Lockdown from your John Locke? How about your Quarantine from your Quantum Dynamics? If so, then this quiz is for you!

Get ready to team up and take part in the first ever PuG Pub Quiz hosted by “Master of Disaster” Jasper Roskilly, who will entertain you with a fun multi-round quiz packed with audio and visual content. Expect an exciting quiz involving a variety of questions relating to all kinds of categories such as Geography, Popular Culture and – who knows – maybe even the event itself!

So, get your thinking caps on and let’s get quizzical at this summer’s Pub Quiz! You will be competing in smaller groups of up to five people – which team will come out on top? It’s worth taking part – there are great prizes waiting for the winning teams!

You are invited to join on June 3, 2021 at 8:30 pm. Registration for the event will be possible via ConfTool after the poster submission deadline.

We’re looking forward to seeing your heads spinning!