In General

To maximize the opportunity for scientific exchange during the online PuG 2021, all symposia will take place as live online sessions via Zoom. There will be 36 symposia of 90-min with 4–5 presentations, ordered by loosely thematic tracks. There will be opportunities for live questions for all participants. Therefore, make sure that your internet connection is stable, preferably LAN, not WLAN) and that you have the latest Zoom client installed. We also ask the audience to kindly turn their cameras on, to enhance the feeling of attending a live conference for both speakers and attendees.

The Zoom room opens 15 min before a session. You will find the link to the session in ConfTool at that time. Make sure that you have your log-in information for ConfTool ready!

During all sessions, a Technical Host will be present to supervise the symposium. They can be contacted via direct message in the Chat window in case of difficulties.

In general, if you want to ask a question during the symposium, please use the ‘Raise Hand’ button in Zoom. If you have the latest version of Zoom, this feature can be found when you press the “Reactions” button.

If you have not updated your Zoom client (please do so now!) and still use the old version, you will find the ‘raise hand’ button at the bottom of the participants list, which you find by clicking on the ‘Participants’ button:

The symposium chair(s) will moderate the discussion. You will be asked to unmute your microphone when it is your turn to ask a question. If you want to continue the discussion with the speakers after the session, you may inform the Technical Host by direct message in the Chat window. They will connect you with the speakers, provided they are still available.

Speakers and Chairs

The symposia will be held live, so it is especially important that you have a stable internet connection. Please connect your computer via cable to a LAN, do not use WLAN! There are cheap USB-LAN adapters available. An example is the TP-Link UE300, which you can order from many online retailers for around 10 Eur (you can find offers here: Don’t forget to order a LAN cable as well, if you do not have one.

If you are afraid that technical difficulties cannot be excluded, you are welcome to additionally welcome to additionally upload a pre-recorded talk as a fallback option. If you wish to do so, please contact the PuG team via

Please join your session at least 10 minutes in advance of the scheduled start time so that the Technical Host can give you a quick introduction. For preparations as well as further exchange after the session, all speakers will be placed in a private breakout room before and after the session. If there are requests for further discussions after the session by members of the audience, the Technical Host will contact you and ask whether you are available.


At the beginning of each session, the chair(s) will give a short introduction to the audience about the timeline of the symposium and on how to participate in the discussion. Preferably, the ‘Raise Hand’ feature of Zoom should be used and questions should be asked by the participants themselves directly. The chairs are, however, free to allow other ways of participation, e.g. by use of the chat window. It might, however, be more difficult to locate and unmute participants in the crowd if they did not use the “Raise Hand” feature.

The Technical Host will take care of technical issues that may arise during the session. They will assist with (un)muting microphones or lowering raised hands if needed. The chairs of the symposium will be responsible for moderating the session and for keeping track of questions during the discussion. All speakers will be made co-hosts, thus enabling screen sharing during their presentations.

The Chairs can communicate privately with the Technical Hosts at any time via direct message in the Chat window. They are available for any question that arises during the symposium.

The Technical Hosts are also asked to make sure that the Chairs adhere to the allotted time frame of the symposium. They will contact you via direct message if you are running over time.