Associative learning is a fundamental mechanism by which organisms form representations of relationships between stimuli and actions. In recent years, reformulations of well-established concepts of associative learning have shaped our understanding of how higher-order cognitive processes might emerge from simpler cognitive and learning mechanisms. This symposium encompasses five presentations of early-career researchers that highlight recent developments in the investigation of associative learning with a variety of cognitive, computational, and neuroscientific methods, ranging from virtual reality, cognitive-computational modeling, multivariate decoding of neural representations in fMRI data to ecological momentary assessment using cross-platform online applications.

First, Stephan Nebe will introduce new experimental approaches and computational models for the laboratory assessment of habits quantifying the influence of past behavioral frequency on future actions.

Lennart Luettgau will present evidence for cortical reinstatement of outcome representations as a mechanism underlying associative learning transfer, applying cross-session, cross-modality multivariate pattern analyses on fMRI data.

Mona Garvert will highlight a study combining virtual reality, computational modeling, and fMRI to investigate how humans use relational knowledge organized in cognitive maps to generalize value to states that were previously not experienced.

Eric Schulz will follow presenting computational modeling of a compositional bandit task, in which humans entertain compositional representations and a grammar over these structures, to show performance exceeding neural network models.

Finally, Monja Neuser will present longitudinal data of a novel reward learning task complemented by ecological momentary assessment acquired with an open-source cross-platform application, informing the creation of better models of human behavior.

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Learning, memory, and sleep

Chair(s): Lennart Luettgau (London, UK), Stephan Nebe (Zürich, Switzerland)

Presenter(s): Mona Garvert (Leipzig), Monja Neuser (Tübingen), Eric Schulz (Tübingen), Lennart Luettgau (London), Stephan Nebe (Zürich, Switzerland)