Sex hormones not only regulate human development from peripheral to central systems but also influence cognitive and emotional processes, as well as sexual and social behaviors. In our symposium we will bring together studies on endogenous (e.g. variations over the menstrual cycle or differences between men and women) as well as exogenous effects (e.g., pharmacological administration studies, users of hormonal contraceptives). Elisa Rehbein (University of Tübingen) will present a placebo-controlled fMRI study on the effects of estradiol application on emotion regulation in women. Julia Strojny (Trier University) will then present results on the hormonal modulation of social behavior in oral contraceptive users and naturally-cycling women in a study using paradigms adapted from behavioural economics as well as an empathy task. In the next talk the modulation of moral judgments by oral contraceptive use, testosterone and CAG repeat polymorphisms in the androgen receptor gene will be presented by Diana Armbruster (Technical University of Chemnitz). The final two talks will focus on the health-relevant effects of sex hormones and their variations. Katja Schmalenberger from University Hospital Heidelberg (Germany) will show results on cardiac vagal activity across the menstrual cycle with implications for women’s health. Finally, Christine Anderl (Knowledge Media Research Center, Tübingen) will close the symposium with her study on the long-term associations between use of hormonal contraceptives and risk for depression.

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Hormones and emotions

Chair(s): Bernadette von Dawans (Trier), Frances, S. Chen (Vancouver, Canada)

Presenter(s): Elisa Rehbein (Tübingen), Julia Strojny (Trier University), Diana Armbruster (Chemnitz), Katja Schmalenberger (Heidelberg), Christine Anderl (Tübingen)